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The New 2017 Cruze

Welcome to the future of the modern day sedan. From its comprehensive safety features to its cutting edge technology, the Cruze is a meticulously crafted vehicle, built on the heritage and timeless sophistication of the Chevrolet brand. Did we mention its impressive performance as well?


Chevrolet Cruze

Turn heads for all the right reasons with the stylish Chevrolet Cruze. Its sleek silhouette has been reconfigured to feature vivid Bi-Halogen headlamps, LED Daytime Running Lights and stylish fog lamps. And to make it even more dazzling, you can now choose to customize your Cruze with 16 or 17-inch alloys and colors, including Old Blue Eyes Metallic and Burnt Coconut Metallic.

Chevrolet Cruze fog lamp
Chevrolet Cruze power folding side mirror
Chevrolet Cruze tail lamp

Fog Lamp

When driving in conditions of reduced visibility, these vivid fog lamps prove invaluable in helping you to see and be seen.

Power Folding Side Mirror

True to form, even the rear view mirrors of the Chevrolet Cruze are anything but ordinary. These color-matched electronically foldable outside mirrors feature LED turn signals built-in into the streamline form.

Rear Lamp

The balanced taillight design adds a delicate finish to the look of the Chevrolet Cruze.


Chevrolet Cruze MyLink touchscreen display

Chevrolet MyLinkTM

Use the Chevrolet MyLinkTM touch screen to play all of your favorite songs,
get directions and access your contacts when you sync your compatible
smartphone via USB or Bluetooth® technology.

Chevrolet Cruze cruise control

Cruise Control

Find a comfortable speed and stick to it, with cruise control in your Cruze. With the system on, simply press SET when you reach your desired speed; then press - or + to decrease or increase your speed by 1KPH every time the button is pressed.

Get comfortable

Chevrolet Cruze interior design

Step into the spacious and sumptuous cabin of the Cruze to discover a finely crafted balance of convenient features and luxurious accents. The cockpit’s beautifully designed dashboard has everything you need to keep you moving forward as well as looking good too! From its versatile seating, upholstered in your choice of leather, to the MyLinkTM infotainment system and automatic air conditioning, the 2017 Chevrolet Cruze makes every drive an experience.

Chevrolet Cruze ice blue interior lighting

Ice Blue Lighting

Light up your car with the ice blue interior lighting, adding a fun touch to every drive.

Chevrolet Cruze foldable seats
Chevrolet Cruze USB charging
Chevrolet Cruze air conditioning

Foldable Seats

The already spacious leather interior opens up further when one or both of the 60:40 foldable seats are folded forward to increase your cargo space.

USB Charging

Keep your personal electronic devices running at full-power with handy USB charging ports.

Air Conditioning

Maintain your ideal temperature inside the cabin with electronically adjustable air conditioning.

Powerfully efficient

An engine to match your style

Combined fuel efficiency of 14.7KM/L

The smart, flowing lines of the 2017 Chevrolet Cruze have been designed for optimum fuel efficiency — and so has the engine. When the brilliant minds at Chevrolet were developing Cruze, they knew that every aspect of it needed to be special, especially the driving experience. They knew how much fun the Cruze would be to drive and how frustrating it would be for that experience to be interrupted. So they made it clever too. The engine of Cruze was designed to offer a fuel efficiency of 14.7KM/L, so you can spend less time at the pumps and more out on the open road, which is where every Cruze belongs.

Chevrolet Cruze 1.8L DOHC engine
Chevrolet Cruze 6-speed automatic transmission


Cruze’s engine efficiency is heightened and safeguarded by its relationship with the smooth-shifting, 6-speed automatic transmission. Each gear change is precisely calculated to ensure that all of the engine’s potential torque and horsepower is realized and distributed, leading to less engine wear and greater fuel efficiency.


The 2017 Chevrolet Cruze is designed to keep you safe at all times and in all situations with its thorough combination of rigid engineering, advanced technology
and intuitive design.



Cruze gives you a gentle prompt when it senses
a vehicle in one of your blind spots. Watch the
video to find out more.


Effortlessly pull into even the trickiest of spots
with the guidance of Chevrolet Cruze’s parking
sensors and audible alerts. Find out more in
this quick video.


This helpful system monitors the air pressure in
each of the tires and provides an alert if the pressure
approaches a level which could impede the car’s

Body Frame Integral

The cabin is surrounded by a highly resilient safety cage that absorbs and diffuses the force of a collision, providing protection to all passengers.

Up To 4 Air bags

All occupants of the car are afforded comprehensive protection from head-on and side-on collisions by the addition of up to four air bags.

  • 1 Fuel Efficiency Fuel Consumption may vary based on trim level