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Fuel efficiency (combined)

Fuel efficiency (combined)

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Max. Seating






Who says you can’t have it all?

Technology, space, style and performance, these all come standard on the 2015 Chevrolet Captiva. This versatile family SUV is the embodiment of a true all-rounder. Enjoy exceptional fuel economy and the power to move with available All-Wheel-Drive, whilst the generous interior allows cavernous storage space and ample seating for 7 adults. Few vehicles can say that they have it all. Captiva can.

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An exterior as exhilarating as the places you’ll take it.

The 2015 Captiva was designed to stand out in any crowd. The sweeping lines converge style with the redesigned front, along with its iconic duel-grille, and the rear’s eye-catching LED tail lamps. The wide stance and low squatted position of the Captiva gives off an air of superior performance and power, while its gleaming chrome trim remind you that it is a truly stunning piece of engineering design.


Just one look at the Captiva and you can clearly see the lineage of the Camaro and Corvette’s DNA running in its veins. This vehicle looks exactly like what it was intended for, adventure.



An interior as versatile as you are.

Perhaps the most beautiful fact about people is that no two of us are the same. Every one of us is completely unique with our own hopes, dreams, wants and needs. This little fact was the cornerstone of our engineers design choices when they began to create the versatile interior of the Captiva.

The cabin offers three rows of spacious seating for up to seven adults, as well as 60/40 split folding rear seats to allow of additional cargo capacity when the rear seats are folded flat. Making it even more comfortable for everyone, are its dual climate controls.

The driver can enjoy the perfect driving experience with the 8-way driver power seat, Rear Park Assist, Cruise Control, Bluetooth connectivity and even Keyless-Entry and Start Systems. Whatever you need, Captiva has you covered.

  • Interior with leather trim Chevrolet Captiva - perfect status and impeccable style!
    Interior with leather trim Chevrolet Captiva - perfect status and impeccable style!
  • Up to 1577 liters volume with seats folded - The Chevrolet Captiva will fit all of your stuff!
  • Interior shown is subject to availability in the Middel East region
  • Automatic transmission Chevrolet Captiva: smooth injection and responsiveness on any road.

Enhanced technology that keeps you connected.

The Chevrolet Captiva is not just about looking good and performing exceptionally well, it also has everyone’s optimum entertainment experience at heart. The Captiva’s available 8 speaker system is pushed to its limits through the built in radio/CD/MP3 player housed neatly in the center console. This intuitive system even allows users to connect their smartphones via USB or Bluetooth to access their favorite playlists from any seat.


Convenience at the touch of a button.

The Chevrolet Captiva was designed with you in mind. Which is why it boasts a host of convenient features to make every journey as enjoyable as possible. One of these features is the Keyless Entry system that allows you to control your vehicle's door locking mechanism, without having to be in the Captiva. Just one click of a button on the Captiva's car-key allows you to open and lock the vehicle, even from a fair distance.


Rear Park Assist.

Use every inch of parking space, as the Chevrolet Captiva is equipped with front and rear parking sensors. Parking your Captiva is as simple as parking a small car. Front parking sensors are only available in versions of the LT and LTZ.

Sheer driving enjoyment.

Under the new Captiva's sculpted hood is a choice of two gasoline engines, 2.4L and 3.0L, which feature the latest technology combining performance and fuel economy, boasting automatic six-speed transmissions for a powerful, yet smooth ride. Choose a front or active on-demand four-wheel drive configuration. Discover how Captiva adapts naturally to your driving style, granting you effortless control over any road. Captiva has been designed to take on the great outdoors with ease and confidence. Follow the road, wherever it may take you and make the most of Captiva’s versatile soul. With on demand four-by-four to claim control of the road; Electronic Stability Control (ESC) the Traction Control System (TCS), the Braking Assist System (BAS), Hill Start Assist (HAS) to prevent roll-backs on hill-starts and Hill Descent Control (HDC) to automatically slow down the vehicle on steep gradients.



Advanced safety features that keep you safe.

There is only one thing that cannot be replaced inside the Captiva, and that’s the people it carries. Which is why our engineers saved their best and brightest moments for ensuring that everyone who sets foot inside the 2015 Captiva is as safe as possible. To start with, they included front, side and curtain airbags, making a total of six airbags to protect the driver, front passenger and rear passengers. They added Hill Start Assist, to prevent roll-backs on hill starts, along with the Hill Descent Control system, that automatically slows the vehicle on steep gradients. With Captiva you'll always feel safe and more importantly, so will your family.

Ready to Protect

That’s why the 2015 Captiva stands beyond the competition in UAE and the Middle East.


The lowest cost of maintenance around.

The Chevrolet Captiva might be a top of the range vehicle, but it doesn’t mean that you have to pay top of the range prices to keep it on the road. Through Chevrolet Care, your Captiva benefits from the lowest cost of maintenance in its class with a fully transparent service-pricing schedule with no hidden fees or costs, ever.

Find out more about the Captiva’s service plan.


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